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About your wedding

Tell us a little bit about your wedding. Fill out a simple form with the number of guests, location and booking preferences.

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Select one of the various discount hotel block options we will have available according to your wedding needs & wants.

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Login and design your free wedding website. The hotel block you chose will automatically be available for booking on your site!

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Easily access your guests reservations through our simple online interface. Keep your wedding party together!

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Your wedding website through YWH

With your free wedding website your guests will be able to see the following (included with all wedding websites):

Wedding information

Your website includes all your wedding info. From your love story to your wedding venue and destination information. Everything your wedding guests will need in one place.

Wedding website free

Gift registries

Through our easy to use content manager you can add all your wedding registries directly to your personalized wedding website.

Wedding website free

Room reservations

Let your guests reserve their room directly through your site at a discounted group rate. Allowing everyone to stay together and prices just for them.

Wedding website free